Monday, January 9, 2017

SEO - Design & Layout
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SEO - Design & Layout

The website design and layout gives the first impress about your site. There are sites which are too elegant and regular net surfers just range those sites and come out even without making a single click.
Search engines are exact smart but after all, they are software and not human being, who can speak the satisfied of their interest. If you create your site too intricate, then the search engine would not be capable to describe the content of your site correctly, and lastly indexing would not be competent, which results in a low rank.
The actual page content should have a keyword density of about 20% and should weigh in at about 400 words - but there are as many ideas about this as there are SEO expert. Some say, keyword concentration should be 10% and some say it should be 30%. You can go with 20% which is good enough.
Here are a insufficient guidelines that you should keep in mind while designing a web page.
·        You should have other text content than HTML elements.
·        No frames. They are the opponents of search engines, and search engines are opponents of frames.
·        No ads if possible. Because most of the ads use Java-Script which is not guided to be used.
·     No JavaScript. If you need JavaScript, call it from an external file fairly than clearance the code in the HTML file. JavaScript drop-down menus preclude spiders from swarming beyond your homepage. If you use them, be sure to include text links at the bottom of the page.
·        Do not put everything in the page topic that does not fit perfectly.
·        No avoidable directories. Keep your files as close to the root as possible.
·   No fancy stuff (Flash, Splash, Animated Gifs, Rollovers, etc.) without absolutely necessary.


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