Sunday, January 8, 2017

What is SEO?

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization in 2017 is a technical, critical and inspired process to increase the visibility of a website in search engines. Its primary occupation is to drive extra visits to a site that change into sales.
The free SEO tips you will read on this page will help you make a popular SEO sociable website yourself.
I have over 15 years’ experience creating websites rank in Google. If you need optimization services – see my SEO audit or larger business seo services.
An Introduction
This article is a learner’s guide to effective white hat SEO.
I intentionally steer strong of techniques that might be ‘grey hat’, as what is grey today is often ‘black hat’ tomorrow, as far as Google is anxious.
No one-page guide can explore this composite topic in full. What you’ll read here are answers to questions I had when I was opening out in this field.
The ‘Rules.’
Google asserts webmasters adhere to their ‘rules’ and aims to reward sites with high-quality content and incredible ‘white hat’ web advertising techniques with high standings.
Conversely, it also needs to penalize websites that manage to rank in Google by breaking these rules.
These rules are not ‘laws’, but ‘advices’, for ranking in Google; lay down by Google. You should note, though, that some methods of standing in Google are, in fact, illegal. Hacking, for example, is illegal in the US and UK.
You can choose to follow and stand by these rules, bend them or flout them – all with different levels of.
White hats do it by the ‘instructions’; black hats ignore the ‘rules’.
What you read in this article is perfectly within the laws and also within the advices and will help you increase the traffic to your website through gradual or natural search engine results pages (SERPS).
There are a lot of definitions of SEO (spelled Search engine optimization in the UK or Canada search engine optimization in the US and New Zealand) but organic SEO in 2017 is mostly about getting free traffic from Google, the most popular search engine in the world (and practically the only game in town in the US):


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