Thursday, January 12, 2017

SEO - Title Optimization

SEO - Title Optimisation

This is the one place on a webpage where your keywords must be present. Correct use of keywords in the title of every page of your website is particularly important to Google - particularly for the homepage. If you do nothing else to optimise your site, remember to do this!
Here are some considerations while designing the title of a webpage:
·        The title should not consist of more than about 10 words or 65 characters.
·        Use keywords at the very beginning of the title.
·        Do not include your company name in the title without your company name is very well known.
Improper or absent use of titles in webpages keeps more websites out of top rankings on Google than every other factor except feasibly for a lack of relevant content on a page or a lack of quality links from other websites that point to your site.

Best Practices for Creating Titles

Here are some best practices you should follow for making titles on pages:
·        Each page would have a unique title.
·        If practical, try to consist of your Primary Keyword Phrase in every title of every page.
·      Start the title of your home page with your Primary Keyword Phrase, followed by your best Secondary Keyword Phrases.
·      Use more specific differences to your Primary Keyword Phrase on your specific service, product or content pages.
·        If you must consist of your company name, put it at the end of the title.
·        Use the best form, plural or singular, for your keywords based on what Word Tracker says is searched on more often.
·        Do not overdo it - do not repeat your keywords more than 2 to 3 times in the title.
·        Create sure the <title> tag is the first element in the <head> section of your page - this makes it easier for Google to find the page.


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