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SEO - Relevant Filenames

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SEO - Relevant Filenames

One of the humblest techniques to improve your search engine optimisation is to look at the way you name your files. Before writingthis tutorial, we did a lot of study on file-names and originate that search engines like Google give too much importance to folder names. You should think what you want put in your web page and then give a relevant file name to this page.
Just try giving some keyword in Google search engine and you will find file names highlighted with the keyword you have given. It shows that your file name should have apposite keywords.
File Naming Style
·        The filename should preferably be short and imaginative.
·        It is always good to use matching keywords in a filename as well as in page title.
·        Do not use filenames such as service.htm or job.htm as they are common. Use actual overhaul name in your file name such as computer-repairing.htm.
·        Does not use more than 3-4 words in file name.
·        Separate the keywords with dashes rather than underscores.
·        Try to use 2 keywords if probable.
File Name Example
Listed below are some filenames which would be ideal from the users' point of view as well as SEO.
Notice that the keywords are detached by hyphens rather than underscores. Google perceives good filenames as follows:
Seo-relevant-filename as seo pertinent filename (good)
Filenames with underscores are not a good option.
Seo_relevant_filename as sentimentalisation (not good)
File Extension
You must notice that .html, .xtm, .php and any other addition do NOTHING for your visitors, and they are simply a means of unloading some of the work of constructing your web server suitably onto your visitor's. In effect, you are asking your site visitors to tell your web server HOW to produce the page, not which one?
Many Web controllers think that it is a good knowledge to use filename without using extension. It might help you, but not a whole lot.
URL Sub-Directory Name
From Search Engine Optic mutation point of vision, URL sub-directory name scarcely matters. You can try giving any keyword in any search, and you will not catch any sub-directory name matching with your keywords. But from the user's point of view, you should keep an abridged sub-directory name.
Guru Mantra
Keep the following points in mind before naming your files:
·        Keep the web page filename short, simple, descriptive, and pertinent to the page content.
·        Try to usage a maximum of 4-3 keywords in your filename, and these keywords should perform on your web page title as well.
·        Discrete all keywords with hyphen rather than with underscore.
·        Keep your sub-directories name as short as possible.
·        Control the file size to less than 105K because Google slices almost everything above that.


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